We believe that we are shaped by our past, by our childhood experiences and our journey up to this point.  But we are in fact being pulled by our future not pushed by our past.  Our experiences happen for us, not to us, in order for us to experience the lessons that we have come for in this lifetime for our soul’s expansion and growth.

We are here to create heaven on earth but when we are in a state of stress our mind takes us to a time in the past that is familiar, to a place that we recognise even if that doesn’t really feel good, and then we recreated the circumstances.  So, if we had a troubled childhood, we find ourselves recreating the arguments or the drama because although it may not be pleasant, it is familiar.

We have to make a conscious effort to break free of the past. It can be as simple as making a decision or you can achieve this through meditation, affirmations or energy work.

Do this energy exercise to help you align with your future

Think about the life you would like to live, who would you like to have around you. Where are you living, what are you doing?

Now, bring these thoughts into your body – how does this make you feel? Do you feel fear? Do you feel that this future is impossible, unachievable? Where in your body do you feel this? Is there just a knowing that it isn’t possible? Do you deserve it?

Repeat the following statement three times.

I am ready to release all feelings of unworthiness, fear, doubt and anxiety, all beliefs that I can’t experience heaven on earth.  All patterns, habits, looping patterns, generational patterns.  All resistance, energy reversals or entities disconnecting me from my future.  I put them all into the violet flame to be transmuted and transformed in all forms, on all levels and at all points in time

Now, check in with your energy, your body – how do you feel?

If the resistance has gone then move on to the following statement, repeating it three times. If you still feel some discomfort or can hear some negative self-talk, repeat the statement above three more times.

Allow yourself to align to positive thoughts and feelings

Align to the following, repeating it three times.

I am ready to align to a life of abundance, always being in the right place at the right time to connect to my vision and manifest my goals. I step into the new paradigm and the best timeline for my highest good and the benefit of all. I radiate love joy freedom and happiness, bringing heaven on earth for myself and everyone around me.

Take a deep breath and embed those positive thoughts and emotions into your energy. Fill your body with light and love, every chakra, every cell in your body, fill your aura – take it out into the room, fill your house, your street, your town, village or city. Take the light out into the whole country, the continent and then the whole world. See the whole world surrounded by your healing light and love. Feel yourself as expanded, connected with your higher self. connecting your heart with all other light workers around the planet and bathe the planet in this healing light and love, you are connected to the collective consciousness, we are all one.

When you are ready bring your focus back into the earth, back to your continent, your country, your village, town or city, back to your street and then your house.  Leave your aura expanded, full of love and light.  Know that you are connected with everything and everyone. Know that you are here to experience heaven on earth.

And so it is…

Much love