The rise of the feminine is taking place now. But what does this really mean?

It seems to me that there has been a misunderstanding with people associating the rise of the feminine with women’s liberation, emancipation and rise to power but it has nothing to do with our gender identity.

I think it is a sad truth that women’s’ liberation and equality is still something we are working towards globally.

Before the Married Women’s Property Act of 1882 women were legally their husband’s property.  Women’s suffrage gave us the right to vote but we only really started reclaiming our power with the introduction of birth control. As soon as we were able to choose when to have children or not to have children, we gained control over our bodies and this filtered out into all aspects of our lives.

Men have been denied their feminine side – in the past it was not socially acceptable for men to be involved with the birth or nurturing of their children, to wear pink, to knit or sew and definitely not allowed to wear skirts (except of course Scottish kilts). Throughout history fashion has dictated what is acceptable for men or women to wear and influenced the way we behave.

Stereotypical gender roles became even more polarised through government propaganda after WWII.  Women who had been emancipated from the home and called up to work in the factories, doing all the jobs previously done by men were required to return to the home so that the men could have their jobs back. The government started a campaign to inform us all that the women’s place was in the home, looking after our husbands and children.

We have fallen into the trap of believing that to be a man means that you are masculine, and a woman must be feminine.

The masculine energy is the side that is responsible for taking action and is associated with being more grounded. Feminine energy is more about being receptive, nurturing and heart led.

We are in fact all made up of both masculine and feminine energy.

The rise of the feminine is the rise of our feminine energy which has been suppressed for millennia.

Evidence of equality or even female domination has all but been erased from history. We have been through a period of masculine dominance and now the time has come for the feminine energy to rise again but this time the masculine and feminine rise together. We can each choose who we want to be and are no longer defined by our gender. We can play to our strengths instead of our stereotypes.

There has never been a more exciting time to be alive. We are going through unprecedented times at the moment with more people waking up every day – being spiritual is no longer a choice – we can no longer turn away or supress it.

It is time to release all the shackles of the past, all the beliefs that we can or can’t do certain things and to reclaim our power, rise up as gods and goddesses together to help Gaia through her transformation and move into the Golden Age of Peace.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay