From the greatest adversity come the biggest breakthroughs.

The journey to enlightenment and self-development is not a straight line. Any coach or healer will tell you that. We have it in our language ‘It’s always darkest before dawn’…Things often get worse before they get better.

The truth is that setbacks are not really setbacks – you just haven’t moved forward as you thought you had.

If you imagine the self/spiritual development journey as climbing a ladder, once you have got a firm footing on one rung the previous rung disappears so that it is not possible to go back. I guess there is always the possibility that you can fall off the ladder but if you remain focused then that’s not going to happen.  In terms of our development we can never go backwards.

If we feel uncomfortable and shaky its because we have not got both feet on the next rung yet and are somewhere in between.  We may step backwards at this point back onto the previous rung, but this is only possible because we haven’t stepped fully forward onto the next rung yet.

If we feel like we are going round in circles, then we are not going up the ladder but just approaching it from a different angle. Something is holding you back from stepping onto the next rung. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned, something you haven’t fully experienced or let go of or perhaps fear is holding you back.

Our purpose in this life is ascension. We journey through each lifetime learning lessons.

If a lesson hasn’t been learnt in one lifetime, we may choose to repeat it in another. This is why sometimes it feels like such a struggle, you’ve not learnt it before so this time you are going to approach it from a different angle but you have the added karma from previous lifetime to work through as well. You may well have the emotions attached from previous failure.

Sometimes it helps to get someone else to support you to help ease the load, to help you up, to show you where your foot is caught so that you can move upwards.

At the top of the ladder is God, Source, the All That Is, the Creator – whatever you like to call it. In this place we find peace and harmony and our lessons have been learned. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have a human existence again, but this is what we are all striving for.

Some souls may never advance, they got stuck in negative patterns for so many lifetimes and do not want to evolve. But you do not need to concern yourself with those.  Your job is to take care of your own energy, to learn your own lessons to expand your consciousness, raise your awareness and your vibration.

Imagine your path in life is a multicoloured ribbon.  You are travelling along this ribbon but it is not a smooth flat surface.  Sometimes we end up going in the wrong direction and the ribbon forms a bow.  As we travel out on this bow, we reach a point where we course correct and then travel down the other side of the bow back to the original track we were following.  The bow can be as big as we choose and as we travel down the other side it may feel like we are retracing our steps, but this isn’t possible.  We can not walk backwards on this ribbon, but we may be travelling in parallel with a path that we have already walked on.  As we get closer to the original path our movement may speed up as though we are on a slide.  Sometimes there are obstacles in our path, these could be small bumps that we travel over without much thought or notice at other times these turn into the bow that cause us to head in a different direction for a while.

You can never get it wrong, you are always on your path, there is no choice.  When you look ahead only a small section of the ribbon is visible in front of you, but you know that it is there and that everyone’s ribbon is going in the same direction, back to source.  We are each on our own ribbon and although we may walk alongside each other we are each on our own path and always travelling in the same direction – it is not possible to go backwards no matter how much it feels that your are.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay