I’m Yad and I’m here to help you believe in yourself, identify the power inside of you and help get your energy into alignment. Together, we can tap into your own unique gifts, celebrate the beauty of who you are and live in flow.

What is energy alignment?

Does this sound familiar?

Despite doing your best to follow the Law of Attraction and remain in flow, something still blocks your path and holds you back.

You get up each day journal, meditate, (with varying degrees of success) get your yoga on and bless your food with love. You are doing all the things you are meant to do, yet you just can’t seem to get over that huge block that stands in the way of you having all that you desire.

Here is the answer to your prayers, spells, wishes, hopes…

But let me give you a little science first, just in case your ego is a little sceptical.

Only 7% of your mind is conscious!

The other 93% is your subconscious and unconscious mind and unfortunately for you (and me!) this is the bit that is running the show.

This means that you might believe that you are in alignment with living the life of your dreams and achieving your goals, but your unconscious beliefs may be sabotaging your efforts despite your best intentions.

The easiest way to move forward is to find and release the patterns, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back and get your energy in alignment and flow with your desires and intentions.

Let me show you how…

Everything is Energy

We are Spirit having a human experience and everything in our world, including us is made of energy.

We are now living in unprecedented times.  If you are reading this, then you are probably experiencing an awakening but perhaps it’s not as easy an experience as you would like it to be.

We are waking up, we are realising that there is more to life than we previously thought, more than our jobs and the daily treadmill that we have unwittingly been on.  Being at home means that we can’t spend money so easily but being at home also makes us realise that we don’t need to.  The material possessions do not define us, they do not make us who we are.  We are so much more…


We all have the ability & the power to create the future we desire…


To create the life we desire both our thoughts and emotions have to be in alignment with what we want to manifest.

We have to release all the past thoughts, beliefs and emotions that lower our vibration and put our attention on positive thoughts and emotions that raise our vibration.

To change our lives we need discipline and courage – the discipline to do the energy work required and the courage to face our shadow side and our past that is buried in our subconscious minds and is negatively influencing our daily life.


There are thousands of healing modalities and we can do a lot of work on our energy by ourselves but sometimes issues are so deeply buried that we can’t find them and sometimes we just don’t want to or can’t face them.

This is where working with an Energy Alignment Coach is invaluable.  I can teach you tools and techniques that will help you to get out of negative thought patterns and work with you to release all the stuck emotions that you didn’t even know were stopping you from manifesting the life of your dreams.


Perhaps you already know that you have some deep issues that you are having difficulty processing on your own.  The Energy Alignment Method – EAM® is a quick and painless way to get to the root of what’s going on and set you free.

You might have an idea of what you would like to work on but in all sessions we follow the energy. It may be that what is troubling you can’t be resolved because it is anchored in a deeper issue that you are not consciously aware of. It could be an issue that stems from a past life or a pattern that you have inherited from a parent or ancestor.  In most cases you don’t need to know what this is but sometimes we need to have an understanding about why we are behaving, thinking or feeling the way we do about a certain situation in order to move on.



I had an online session with Jad recently around emotional eating and a long term sugar addiction. I had been binge eating as I was stressed out and unhappy with my life. Jad with her calm collected no nonsense approach quickly helped me to see past the symptoms and we got straight to the root cause which was lack of self love. Through EFT tapping we cleared the long held beliefs on an energetic body and mind level. I felt a lot happier and calmer after the session. I’ve been drinking tea without sugar this week for the first time in my life and I’m definitely eating less the urge to binge has gone. I can highly recommend Jad she is very knowledgeable on the subject of emotional eating and EFT works.



I did not think I had much to tap on, but Jad cleverly unfolded some topics that were long term subjects I had not addressed fully. Very grateful and highly recommend as Jad’s confidence and expertise shines out ready to support you in the best way possible.



I have had two brilliant sessions with Jad, who I find to be an excellent and masterful facilitator. Jad’s insights and highly intuitive approach is the best I have experienced … and, I have had many sessions with many fantastic facilitators.

Jad’s expertise and wisdom coupled with her down to earth empathetic manner make her really lovely to work with. She has skills which enable her to work with the most challenging of cases and I am delighted that a low-level tinnitus I had for about two years seems to have resolved as a result of working with her.  That alone makes me very happy.

The timing of my sessions was at a time of poor health and professional discord and the combination of EAM and card reading has really helped me re-focus and prioritise, and, has also left me with renewed hope, determination and a wonderful sense of peace. Jad is dedicated, left no stone unturned and radiates warmth. I recommend her services without hesitation.

Jo Trewartha

TESTIMONIAL- Stephanie Thompson

I had an EFT session with Jad Orlinska on Monday and it blew my mind! I could not believe how quickly I felt lighter, more positive and enthusiastic for what is coming up! It seems I had some “stuff” that I had grown up around and now it is shifted, my perspective is different now and I left the session eager to start on my next phase. I can tell you it was an honour to be guided by Jad. She has an amazing energy about her. I felt totally safe in her hands as she led me through the session. And I felt at ease sharing deep held beliefs, which have now been cleared. I cannot recommend Jad highly enough. She is AMAZING at what she does. Thank you Jad you are awesome.

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson Coaching


I recently had my second EAM session with Jad. She has an uncanny knack of identifying energy blocks, that I didn’t even know were there. We managed to release so much in such a short time.

Following my session, I’m feeling more liberated and more expanded in my energy. Clients are saying great things about my treatments and I’m securing repeat business. I put that down to feeling more in flow and more deserving of positive outcomes.

Thank you Jad for helping me get here 😘

Esther Apoussidis


Working with Jad is definitely a magical experience!!!

The two sessions I have had with her have left me feeling huge shifts energetically, in my mindset and I have also come away with more clarity and focus on my next steps.

Jad is both incredibly intuitive and a real master at her skill.

If you’re thinking about working with Jad think no longer Just do it !!!!

You will be so happy you did. 

Kay Kirkby

kk wellbeing


For those willing to explore hidden, unknown, undiscovered aspects of themselves in order to move forwards in their life. I highly recommend working with Jad as a mentor to get clarity.

Jad works very intuitively, has the innate knack of just ‘knowing’ from the highest vibration when you are holding on to emotional blocks, past life ties and even physical excess weight. She is supportive, intuitive and gifted

Jacqui Tillyard

Intuitive Mentor / Soul Wisdom / Change Maker


It was a very moving , enlightening and powerful session you got me understood me and understood me where I was and what I was experiencing . You brought into my awareness fully and calmly , compassionately guided me through tthe EFT session with perfect words to accept , release and change the pattern , habit and stories I ha£ been choosing to hold on to as they were severing me a purpose. Your calm , honest understanding, kindness and compassion brought the session to a profound. Outcome that is continuing everyday since . Transformational , inspiring , empowering and liberating experience. A heartfelt thank , grateful for your gracious time , experience , skills , attention and outcomes say that an awesome experience which is continuing. 🙏🙌💜💚🌟💎🤞🙏😍