Today has been an unusual day for me.

The pattern in my life and my biggest obstacle has been about my visibility.  Something of an oxymoron given that I have blue hair at the moment and have been dying my hair bright colours for the last 10 years or so.

I have been using the Energy Alignment Method™ (EAM) for the last 3 years and slowly peeling away the layers and now, here I am…

I am enjoying being the co-host for The Drop-In Centre For Spiritual Junkies as well as leading some of the Global Healing sessions.  Today the beautiful, sexy goddess, Kerry O’Sullivan took us through a Yoni Activation exercise – you can watch the replay here.  I hadn’t realised how disconnected from my body I was until doing this exercise.  I highly recommend working with Kerry and this exercise is definitely going to be part of my daily self-care routine from now on.

More visibility in the afternoon when I was a guest in the wonderful Trina Kavanagh-Thomas Facebook group – The alternative personal training HUB – How to stay positive and healthy

I always had an innate knowing that there was more to life and that I wanted to live globally and not just in a little village or town.  I now know that this wasn’t some egotistical dream but a calling from my soul to guide me to my life and soul purpose.

My mission is to help people who are lacking in confidence when they know that they are here for bigger things, to shine a light on their path and to shine a light on them so that they can show up to do the work that they were born to do.

If you are running your own business or still in the startup or thinking up stage you might find the following EAM script which I shared with Trina’s group helpful.


Take a few deep breathes and bring to mind how you feel about your business at the moment.


‘Do I have any resistance to my business?’


Notice if your body sways backwards or forwards.  You might like to ask how many resistances you have.


Notice if you can feel any tension or pain in your body, do any emotions come up?  Can you see a colour that represents how you feel about your business?


Repeat the following statement replacing the word resistance with the tension or pain, the emotion, or the colour if appropriate:

I am ready to release all this resistance related to my business,

I release it from my energy, in all forms, on all levels and at all points in time.

Repeat this three times and then go back to STEP 1. When you have released all the resistance or energy reversals relating to your business, any tension or pain in your body and the colour has changed and feels more positive you can move onto the following step:


Repeat the following three times:

I am ready to align to having a flourishing and abundant business,

I am open to shining my light with an open heart, allowing the people that I am here to serve to easily find me. I am in flow with my business, free of stress and worry.

Everything I need to move forward comes to me with ease and grace, love, joy and freedom, clarity, trust and confidence.

My business is blossoming and growing,

I allow this into my energy

In all forms on all levels and at all points in time

Much love