Write your dream day and enjoy reading about it for the next 7 days…

Look at your dream day – what is stopping you from experiencing that day today or tomorrow?  This exercise goes deeper than just looking at manifesting a day in your life, it is also about your lifestyle and provides insight into the desires that are not always obvious to us.

When we are harnessing the Law of Attraction its easy to look at the material things that we want like a car or a house, a holiday or even our soul mate.  Looking at your dream day gives you some insight into the lifestyle that you would like and from there you can take steps to manifest it.

Take some time to disect your dream day.

Is it enough that it could be just one day of a holiday of a lifetime or is this an example of your daily life?

List the elements that make it up.

What is standing in the way of having this?  For example does it require you to move house or to move to a different country?

Do you have the right people in your life to create your perfect day?

Do you have the right skills?

Take this a step further and look at the resistence you have to any of the elements.

Once the resistence is released, align to taking daily action towards manifesting your dream day.


Image by Bessi from Pixabay